Mallu Don Youtuber Biography, real name, girlfriend and family

Mallu Don is a YouTuber from Kerala. He is a relatable video content creator on his YouTube channel. Mallu don real name is junaiz VP. He has 11.8 lakh subscribers and mallu Don uploaded 293 videos.

Mallu Don biography and career

Mallu don is a relatable video content creator on YouTube. His real name is Junaiz VP. Mallu don place is in Wayanad district in Kerala. Mallu don has explained in the QNA video on youtube about his mother dying because of his father. At age of 6 years, his father and mother died. Later mallu don and his eldest brother lived in his mother’s house. After graduating and getting a job he has a dream to become getting famous on Social media. Later he uploaded a video on a YouTube channel. Now mallu don has 11.8 lakh subscribers. Mallu dom also talked about never giving up in life. In his qna video on youtube.

Mallu don biography
Mallu Don biography
NameMallu Don
Real nameJunaiz
PlaceWayanad district in kerala
JobYoutuber video content creator
Family Mother and father died now he has brothers.
Age27 years old
SiblingHe has two brothers and their names not known
Mallu don biography
Mallu don biography
Mallu don biography

Mallu don Contact Details

Mallu don Email address:

Mallu don Phone number: unknown

Who is Mallu don?

He is a YouTube video content creator.

Where is mallu don from?

he is from wayanad currently he is kannur in kerala.

what is the age of mallu don?

He is 27 years old in 2022

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