How to use clevertype android application 2023

CleverType, an Android keyboard app, amplifies your writing escapade by leveraging OpenAI’s GPT. Here’s how to wield its power:

How to use clevertype android app

  1. Acquire and Embed: Secure the CleverType app from the Google Play Store, and embed it into the depths of your device.
  2. Establishment: Once immersed, unfurl the app and adhere to the divine instructions that shall crown CleverType as your paramount keyboard.
  3. Unleash in Every Realm: CleverType’s dominion extends across all realms where the art of typing is summoned, be it in the realms of email, Google Docs, Twitter, and beyond.
  4. ChatGPT Fusion: CleverType fuses with ChatGPT, an enigmatic AI language model. When you summon words within the ever-expanding tapestry of your preferred app, press the ChatGPT button and summon a personalized response from the mystical AI language model. Once the response is bestowed upon you, a mere click shall replace the words you once spilled.
  5. Word Tone: CleverType’s Word Tone incants an alchemical transformation, transmuting your prose into myriad tones, whether they be formal, casual, or laced with the sardonic. Furthermore, it grants you the power to truncate or expand your text, ensuring its length is as it should be.
  6. Grammatical Sorcery: CleverType’s Fix Grammar spell unfurls upon your every keystroke, effortlessly mending the sins of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Thus, your messages and documents emerge polished and professional, devoid of blemishes.
  7. Intelligent Divination: CleverType peers into the depths of your typing habits, seeking enlightenment, and bestows upon you personalized word predictions. It saves you time and keystrokes, as if it has unraveled the secrets of time itself.
  8. Astute Autocorrect: CleverType wields an astute autocorrect incantation, vanquishing misspelled words with swift precision. Thus, your messages shall dance upon the canvas of clarity, untainted by errors.
  9. Multilingual Sorcery: CleverType wields the power of tongues, embracing over 30 languages, enabling you to communicate with prowess in the language of your choosing.
  10. Customization Enchantment: CleverType unveils a tapestry of personalization, where every facet of your typing experience may be woven to suit your desires. Choose from a grand tapestry of themes, transforming CleverType into a vessel that mirrors your very essence. Glide typing grants you effortless and expedited input, while an extensive collection of emojis adds a whimsical and evocative touch to your messages.

Remember, this app is a treasure that may be acquired and employed without cost. However, to unlock the full breadth of its enchantments, an API key from OpenAI shall be required.

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